End Citizens United Fights Against Big Money

End Citizens United is a political action committee formed in 2015 with the express goal of ending Citizens United, a Supreme Court decision of 2010 that allowed corporations to be deemed people for the purpose of donating an unlimited and untraceable amount of money to candidates partaking in elections. The reason End Citizens United is so intent on ending Citizens United is primarily due to the belief that the elimination of the transparency requirement as to the source of the donor funds would permit special interest groups and the wealthy to have an undue influence on the election process. Efforts to end Citizens United include electing pro-reform candidates, bringing the issue of money in politics to the fore on a national scale, and working with ballot measure campaigns for the purpose of passing pro-reform legislation and empowering its grassroot membership to demonstrate the effect money has on political power. Find out more about End Citizens United at Ballotpedia

End Citizens United also files complaint against politicians who it believes have violated Federal Election Committee rules. One such politician is Rick Scott, the governor of Florida, who has launched a campaign for a Senate seat. Rick Scott was the Chief Executive Officer of Columbia/HCA in 1997 when that company was charged with the perpetration of Medicare fraud—the nation’s largest Medicare fraud by all accounts. End Citizens United asserted Rick Scott used the New Republican Super PAC to get around donation limits in violation of Federal Election Committee rules. There are also reports that Rick Scott received contributions for his senatorial campaign from private equity executives after Rick Scott made favorable decisions on state pension investments, which resulted in more than 3 billion in fee being reaped by the financial firms from the Florida investments, in violation of a 2010 Securities and Exchange Commission rule that prohibits public officials who makes decision on state pension investments from receiving donations from financial firms. It is also claimed that Rick Scott’s campaign uses the same fund raiser and address as the New Republican PAC.

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$588,375, the total amount a Major GOP Presidential Candidate took From George Soros

John Kasich and his PAC “new Day for America” received a significant donation which has raised major eyebrows among the conservatives as he continues to remain in the Republican race.

The Soros fund managers Stanley Druckenmiller and Scott Bessent donated a total of $488,375 to the governor in what they referred to as small money fund. This is according to the records which have been provided by the Federal Elections Commission.
George Soros, who had already spent billions of dollars in coming up and funding far left organizations such as ACORN, MoveOn.Org, and the countless pro-amnesty groups. After Forbes billionaire George Soros had already donated an incalculable amount of money to the Congressional Democrats, he went ahead to hand a pro-Hillary Clinton PAC a sum of $ 8 million.
Soros had recently revealed about his expanded efforts in trying to oppose more border security. “we must reaffirm our commitment to the open society principles and attempt to resist the siren song from the likes of Ted Cruz and Donald Trump,” Soros explained on Bloomberg.
Kasich, representing himself as a Republican primary reasonable voice caught the left’s top donor together with his allies interested.
Bessent has been Soros chief investment manager until late 2015 while Druckenmiller has been managing George Soros investment money at the hedge fund. It should be remembered that Druckenmiller was Soros top fund manager when Soros successfully broke the England bank by devaluing the British currency in a move that profited him a total of $1 billion. People are now expecting Kasich to portray a strong showing in the Buckeye state. However, Senator Marco Rubio’s campaign has forced his supports to back Kasich in a move which will try keeping Trump away from winning more delegates.
About George Soros
Soros is a self-proclaimed billionaire who is popularly known for his investment savvy. George was born in Budapest, Hungary on the 12th, August 1930. However, George fled Nazis in 1940’s heading to the New York City in 1956. It is in New York where he entered the finance life. It was in 1979 when Soros began his philanthropic efforts and by 2012, he was giving amounts of more than $7 billion through his Open Society Foundations. The foundations used to fund a range of initiatives across the globe starting from public health, education, business development, advance justice and independent media. The different causes which Soros help are numerous and include the establishment of the after-school programs in the New York City, aiding the regions which have been struck by the natural disaster, lending financial assistance to the Russian University system, funding the arts, combating brain drain in Eastern Europe and fighting disease.