Rocketship Education: A Reinvention of the Classroom

Education reform is a topic that is quick to ignite passions in almost anyone who you ask. Everyone has their own ideas of what the problem is. Many point to the shrinking budgets of public schools and others to the increased practice of standardized testing. A major disturbing trend is the startling achievement gap found when comparing impoverished communities to their wealthier counter parts. These communities brave a host of struggles that make stability a struggle, leaving students unable to focus on their studies. In their quest to eliminate this achievement gap Rocketship Education has discovered the power of community and family. This discovery is caught on in many charter schools who promote a community-centered approach to education.

The benefits of a well-supported community are hard won but ultimately invaluable to the success of a student. Rocketship education understands and lives by this motto. They believe that every student can achieve greatness. That is why they attract the most dedicated staff available. Every instructor knows that the path forward will require dedication and countless hours but has the potential to alter the course of their student’s lives. This dedicated army of instructors meets with student’s parents before the school year has even begun to get a good idea of the needs of every individual in their class. This meeting is required to be in the student’s home where instructors can develop a personal relationship with parents.

The hard work doesn’t stop there. As the school year begins teachers shape their curriculum around the needs of every student. They are dedicated to ensuring that each lesson has something unique for every child to grasp. Additionally, a close relationship is maintained between instructors and parents which allows the student to receive a truly immersive education and encourages the parents to continue their education beyond the classroom. This technique has yielded outstanding results. When compared to students from typical public schools those student who were the beneficiaries of Rocketship Education’s unique and pioneering program scored significantly higher in fields such as mathematics. Rocketship Education is dedicated to helping communities tackle the achievement gap.