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In a recent PRNewswire, Article posted August 12, 2016,, Angie Koch, CEO of the U.S. Money Reserve, gains a contributor profile on the Huffington Post.

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The Huffington Post is an online news outlet covering stories from every viewpoint from all over the world. Consisting of a digital population of 79 million unique monthly visitors, they are the first of its kind to win a Pulitzer Prize.

Koch will post to the blog on a regular basis making this a huge accomplishment as she gives advice to many about how to run a successful business by delving into topics such as leadership, culture, and wealth management.

The U.S. Money Reserve founded in 2001, is the world’s largest distributor of gold, silver, and platinum products. The mission of the U.S. Money Reserve is to help you to diversify your portfolio by purchasing gold, silver or platinum. These metals have proven to outlast paper currency due to their scarcity.

U.S. Money Reserve based in Austin, TX, has a team of professionals who are experts in the market at finding products offering the highest profit potential for precious metals buyers at every stage.

This uniquely trained team includes coin research and numismatic professionals to assist you adding precious metals to your assets portfolio. This team of professionals exhibits superior customer service having the mindset of setting up long-term relationships with each of its clients. Learn more about US Money Reserve:

You cannot place your trust in paper money and need something that is secure.
There’re several reasons why one should buy gold, silver, and platinum. Those reasons are as follows:

• The dollar will eventually fall
• Inflation – causing the prices of goods and services to soar
• Gold is harder to find increasing its value
• War, terrorism, and nuclear threats

Several nations also are trusting in gold for their futures such as Russia, China, India, Iraq, Kazakhstan, Mongolia, Thailand, and Turkey.

I’m So Glad I found Lime Crime

I’m so excited about Lime Crime that I could burst. I just found these cosmetics by doing an online search. I have a daughter who is 17 and seems to have a unique color palette all her own. I can never find her the things that she wants in the store. I was doing some research and came across Doe Deere and her vibrant coloring. I must say it’s not something that I would choose for myself as I am a brown hue kind of girl, but my daughter will love this stuff.

I did a bit of research on Ms. Deere and I liked what I saw. She reminds me of my daughter. She kind of marches to the beat of her own drum and she don’t care what other people think about her style. Her style is what makes her comfortable and helps her to feel good about herself. Many people, including my nagging mother, have tried to tell me to tone my daughter’s color scheme down. She’s been called a hippy, eccentric and all sorts of other names. I don’t want my daughter to fit into some cookie cutter mold. I want her to be unique and different and to not be afraid to express herself.

Now about this makeup line. Deere uses a great deal of glitter, which is very popular right now. I like Deere’s color palette that she uses because they’re not typical colors I can go to the drug store and find. The products are high quality too, no oils or testing on animals. She goes above and beyond to make a quality product that she is proud to stand behind. I must say I was very fascinated by Ms. Deere and the concept behind her makeup. She is not just another makeup creator, she lives for this stuff. She has always been a fashionista, but she has poured her passions into this company.

I also liked that in the many pictures you see of her, her hair is all different shades of the rainbow. She calls herself the “Queen of the Unicorns,” so why not match the nickname. She tends to be her own person and isn’t persuaded by what others think or say about her. That’s what it takes to be in any business and with that determination, I’m sure that Lime Crime will be successful.

There are only a few stores that carry this product line currently, but it can easily be purchased online. I ordered the velveteens, which is a liquid to matte lipstick. I also got some different eye products in the Beatle Juice and Starry Night color schemes. We are both so excited to see what these products are like. I know this company is bold and daring and just different.

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