New Technology Helps Make Weddings Easier

Wedding etiquette, unlike love, is an ever-evolving creature that never remains the same. Time honored traditions are being tweaked and prodded making for new and better ideas that produce the desired results in less time using less energy and money. Nowhere is that more obvious than in the lucrative wedding registry business.

Wedding Registries
Traditionally, a gift registry is a list of things couples would like to have and the names of stores where those gifts are available. It connects the giver and the receiver of wedding gifts anonymously while taking the guess work and leg work out of the shopping process.

The old way of using a gift registry often resulted in duplications or an over abundance of one gift and little or nothing of another. Many saw the old way as impersonal because it removed the joy of giving a gift purchased simply because it reminded you of the person you’re shopping for. New technology restores that joy by letting you expand gift ideas and the way they can be purchased.

Consider the technology of Slyce. Shopping for wedding gifts and anything else that catches your eye will be as easy as Snap, Find, Shop. Visual search technology allows you to shop anywhere, while out on a date, while at home watching television, or while thumbing through a magazine at the doctor’s office. You can use your phone to tag a picture of the item, match it with a retailer, then purchase it. This innovative shopping experience is already being tried at Neiman Marcus.

Wedding Attire
Nowhere is coordinating what you will wear more important than at a wedding. The blissful search for “the dress,” however can quickly morph into an arduous shopping assignment.

The average cost of a wedding gown is a little over $1,357.00. That’s an expensive purchase especially when the dress is usually worn only once. That time worn tradition is being challenged, not so much by technology as by an awareness that the money could be better spent elsewhere. Now entering into the wedding attire business are boutiques that rent wedding attire at a fraction of the cost of a new purchase.

The purchase of a wedding dress is a personal and sentimental buy,technology will soon enable brides to create and customize the dress of their dreams while at home playing around on the computer.