All In The Family: Jackson Family Wines Collection

Julia JacksonWhen it comes to success stories, the Jackson family of the Pacific Northwest embodies this notion to the fullest. Jackson Family Wines Collection has become a major player in the international winemaking industry. This family works hard, and it plays in even harder. Founder Jess Jackson and Barbara Banke has done a tremendous job of raising their kids and running a successful business. Julia, the youngest daughter, has made a name for herself within this demanding industry, but she takes it all in stride while being very humble. She knows the value of a dollar because her father has already instilled it within her since a young age.Julia Jackson is a well-liked and a well-respected individual in this business. She works as part of the international sales team. This team promotes the brand to countries overseas, which has allowed it to grow at a dramatic rate. At the present moment, Julia is a proprietor and a representative. She even has her own organization that’s known as Seeds of Empowerment.

Julia Jackson This is a nonprofit organization that celebrates “woman warriors.” The foundation also gives $100,000 of cash grants to deserving organizations in the area. Julia is definitely a chip off the old block thanks to her mother.Julia has a bachelor’s degree in Studio Art from Scripps College, and she has attended Stanford University’s Summer Institute of General Management program. Modeling was also something that she did at a younger age, but as of today, wine is her way of life. One of the company’s best brand of wine is the Clone 23 Pinot Noir. This spicy oak, blueberry wine is rich in aroma as well as flavor. The family even owns a 583-acre site in Oregon’s Willamette Valley. Julia Jackson and the Jackson Family Wines Collection is setting new trends while changing the status quo.