Fast Company Explores How EOS Make a Non-Essential Product Essential

Everyone does not buy lip balm. Some people simply lick their lips when they believe that their lips are getting chapped. LL Cool J is a prime example of this type of behavior. To look at things from that standpoint some might say that lip balm is not something that people would call essential. For some young girls and adult women that are accessorizing, however, this lip balm is a vital part of their day.

Lip balm has become something that does more than relieve chapped lips in this day and age. The Evolution of Smooth has built a marketing campaign that has managed to make the non-essential lip balm product look like an essential product. The marketing department advertised smooth lips and images of women that are applying this product. It is not spoken in commercials, but the images of women kissing men implies that they have a better kiss because they have smoother lips.

The founders worked on the design of the containers. There was much thought put into the way the container would sound when it was opened. The spheres also represent a unique design that has never been seen in lip balm before. These are all ways that EOS lip balm took measures to make consumers take notice of lip balm. There was a lot of praise by celebrities for this product. It actually became something that was fashionable. It became a stylish accessories. It became so stylish, in fact, that it is uncool to be seen with rival ChapStick lip balm products. People that need lip balm need to be purchase EOS lip balm because this is apparently the cool lip balm accessory. That is how it appears since all of the celebrities are being seen with this product, and that was the EOS goal. Check out the products on and online.