What Your Business To Thrive? Consider Using A Coworking Space

Coworking Spaces

Studies have shown that workers that work in a coworking space thrive more than their counterparts who use a traditional office space to do their work. A coworking space is a place within a community where people from freelancers to independent professionals come to do their work. These places are membership-based and many people find it the best place to get the job done. The question is why do individuals thrive more in this type of working environment than in a typical office?

No Competition

One of the main reasons why this is the best working environment for a variety of people is that there is no competition. Everyone who uses the space is from different backgrounds and different companies all trying to succeed at doing their own thing. There are no office politics to worry about. People find that they can be who they are without any worries or repercussions.

Since there is no need to compete with the person using the space next to you, there is a willingness to help your neighbor. Often, people come together to share their talents and skills which benefits everyone involved. This creates a sense of community.

You Are In Control

Another reason why people thrive in this type of working environment is that they are in the ones in control. Working hours are not set by a boss. Coworking spaces are normally open around the clock, so for those who need quiet to work in can choose the hours when the space is least occupied. For those who would like to get a second opinion or collaborate with others on a project, can come in when everyone will be available.

How Can Traditional Companies Benefit?

Traditional companies can take some of these ideas and use them to their benefit. They can allow teams or groups who are working on projects to do it off site in a less formal setting. This will also benefit those who require a flexible work schedule to work when they can. Traditional companies will find that their productivity will rise.


If you are looking for a shared office space, Workville located in New York City is the place to start. They have offices, shared offices, and open desks available. There are lounges, terraces, and a café. Perfect place for a start-up to begin.