Tom Brady’s Four-Game Suspension Upheld Says Ross Abelow

According to New York Law Journal, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit has reinstated the four-game suspension of New England Patriots’ quarterback Tom Brady alleging that he did tamper with the air pressure in footballs during the American Football Conference (AFC) Championship Game against the Indianapolis Colts on January 18, 2015. In upholding the commissioner’s suspension of Brady, the court said it had an extremely limited roll to determine if the arbitration proceedings and award met the minimum legal standards established by the Labor Management Relations Act.

The court case pitting the players’ association against the commission had already been heard by Southern District Judge Richard Berman who had thrown out the four game suspension. The players’ association says they have very few alternatives left and that Brady will probably have to sit out the four game suspension at the start of the 2016 season.

While this has been a very hotly debated topic, many families feel that they need courts to make rulings in their favor just like the court did for the NFL commission. If you feel that describes your situation, then the first step is to seek great legal counsel like Ross Abelow. Through his practice with Abelow & Cassandro, Llp, he can make sure that you are not thrown around like a football but that your case gets the attention that it deserves.

Ross is a graduate of Brooklyn College of Law and has over 20 years of experience in helping families and companies seek the justice they are due. Ross also invites you to join his GoFundMe program to help homeless animals because while Brady can sit at home and watch the game, many animals do not have the luxury of a home to call their own. In addition to helping families and companies through the massive court system, Ross is also active in educating the public about the legal system through his personal blog.

Making a Switch to Beneful Brand

Dog food comes in all types and varieties, making it difficult for a dog owner to know which one is good for them. If this has been an issue you are dealing with, it might help if you know of some of the different types of brands out there and which one is the right fit for you. This is why it is often a good idea for you to carefully read labels and try to figure out which one is right for you. By finding an amazing dog food brand, you can feel confident in giving this to your beloved pooch.
Beneful has been a household name for quite some time and continues to be something that people love day in and day out. Their high quality foods make it simple to know that you have chosen something great for your dog’s needs. This is also a great brand when it comes to saving money without giving up on the quality that you need. Many pet owners are finding that they can save tons of money by switching to PurinaStore’s product line.

What’s more, you can find virtually any type of food made for your dog when choosing the Beneful line of dog food. The reason for this is due to the fact that they have an array of different types and varieties from ones made specifically for senior dogs to those made for younger pups. It is entirely up to you which one you choose, so make sure that you figure out the type of Beneful you need to make your dog fully happy. Beneful has a Youtube channel which you can visit and learn more about their brands and your beloved pet as well.

There are so many different options out there, making it easy and quick to know that you have chosen something that is ideal for your needs. Once you make the choice to go with Beneful, you will not soon regret it and your dog is going to be in love with the flavors and other types of things that you can get from such a product. Be sure to look at the different things that Beneful has to offer ( to those looking to switch.

George Soros Endorses Lengthy, Paid-Paternity Leaves

Eighty-five year old George Soros, business guru, investor and philanthropist, has a parent-oriented side not often visible in his world of high finance and billion-dollar decision making on

Beginning two years ago, as of January 2014, Soros initiated a paternity -leave policy for 800 Soros employees world-wide that raises the bar for corporations to a new high.

Joined by Sandra Schwarzer, global director of human resources at Open Society Foundations on, Soros outlined the paternity-leave plan his employees now enjoy.

1. The six-months paternity leave applies to mothers, fathers and grandparents with custodial rights. The benefit also applies to adoptions and foster care parents.
2. The first three months are a fully-paid leave. The second three months is paid at 70 percent of the employees pay rate.
3. The plan is flexible. Employees can choose on their own the optimum time when they need the leave.
4. Of the global Soros employees, 450 are in the United States.

Schwarzer, who heads one of the largest nonprofit organizations in the world with the Open Society Foundation, saw the need for extended paternity-leaves based on her personal experience. While living in France, the German native had the benefit of four-months of fully paid parental leave for herself. After residing in the United States for a short while, she saw the difficulty new parents experience trying in take time from work in order to stay home with the important first few months of a babyÕs life.

When she discovered that the United States is the only industrialized country in the world without a mandated paid maternity leave, she decided to do something about it.
Having George Soros recognize such a need and then signing on to the long term paternity paid-leave concept was a sign of confidence she highly values.

George Soros has a reputation for driving hard bargains and being a master at negotiating. He is also a shrewd judge of people, especially those who work for him. Putting the six-month paternity leave plan into effect was his way of recognizing the family values of his workers and the need to begin life as new parents with a close bonding.

In addition to paternity leave, the entire Soros family has long supported the family planning efforts of Planned Parenthood. George Soros’s son Jonathan Allan Soros, the chief executive officer of JS Capital Management, made a $1,000,000 donation to Planned Parenthood Votes this past February.

Much of George Soros’s philanthropic nature on stems from his European roots as a Hungarian Jew. He saw first-hand the extreme cruelty humans can extoll over others during the Holocaust years of World War II.

Having seen such grief and death, the idea of being able to allow people working for him to experience the joy and important first months of their baby’s lives must bring him great comfort.

Two years after the plan was initiated, the extended-maternity leave program seems to be working just fine within the Soros global workforce.

Laidlaw & Company Offers Access To The Capital Markets

The capital markets are a really interesting place to invest, but it requires help from a broker who is going to help the investor. The investor who is planning to make the most money can try out the capital markets with Laidlaw, and they can ask that they split up their money among a lot of investment options.

The investment options that people choose from are pretty various, and people who are going for the capital markets can get major returns right away. This is a lot more helpful than waiting for years for something to mature, and it is important for people to try something that is going to be much more meaningful to them. They can ask their broker at Laidlaw to show them the potential of the capital markets, or the broker might have a better idea in mind.

The brokers at Laidlaw & Company often visits and are showing their customers how to make the most money without any trouble, and they are explaining financial tools that are probably new to the client. The clients are going to be able to choose the item that works for them, and the broker from Laidlaw & Company will help them keep up with their investments once they have spent their money.

There are wealth management options at Laidlaw & Company, and there are traditional stock options that are good for some clients. Every client is taken through a long process that helps them make sure that they are investing in the right places, and they are going to be able to change at any time. There is nothing simpler than investing with Laidlaw & Company, and the people who keep coming back to SEC governed Laidlaw & Company can try new investment options in the future that range from the simple to the complex.


Madison Street Capital Offering Hope to Mid Level Business

Madison Street Capital is a leading investment banking firm that focuses on offering financial advisory services. The company has since its inception focused on guaranteeing integrity, excellence, leadership and service in all their dealings.

Madison Street Capital LLC, was founded by Charles Botchway. He is tasked with managing the firms overall strategic direction and day to day running. Charles Botchway has massive experience in Investment. Before, founding Madison; Charles was the CEO of Houlihan Smith & Company, Inc. During his tenure at this investment company, he was tasked with managing and overseeing the strategic and expansion plans of the company.
Madison was born out of a need to serve the M&A and corporate finance needs of middle market clients, seeking to grow their businesses.

The company majors in; merger and acquisition expertise, financial options and valuation services to publicly and privately held business. the company was founded with the intention of curing a niche in the market, the company is designed to ensure that the clients reap full benefits from engaging the company in their transactions.

The company boasts of a proven track record which involves embracing and owning the clients goals and objectives and making them their own. In so doing Madison enjoys firsthand experience in all their undertakings. The company is better placed to offer financial advisory and successful capital generation tips.

Madison has since its emergence focused their efforts on emerging markets as the primary component for guaranteeing global growth for clients. These strategy continues to guarantee the growth and development of Madison Street Capital as well as guaranteeing the highest levels of diplomacy.

Madison continues to focus on building a safe risk free environment through partnering with middle-market firms which places them at a vantage point with regards to navigating complex transactions that guarantee a better outcome.

The company hires the best professionals in the industry, who continually engage clients through offering them valuable advice in an ever changing market. These professionals are also tasked with evaluating each client’s circumstances and as such they analyze and design solutions that are specifically tailored to suit the needs of each client, thus promoting better buyer-customer relations as well as boosting the chances of appropriate financing.

Madison is based in Chicago, Illinois with branches spread throughout North America, Africa and Asia. The company which has been in existence for a while now, it boasts of experience in a wide range of industries. The continued growth and stability of Madison can be attributed to the company’s commitment to carefully analyze and offer effective tailor made solutions for all the clients.

Madison is the ultimate solution for all business owners looking to acquire, sell businesses, building a sound exit strategy or simply dealing in matters related to corporate governance.

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Skout Reveals the Power of a Smiling Social Media Presence

Social media and similar online profiles draw a lot of eyes. The reaction visitors have on profiles are going to vary. Without any exceptions, people with social profiles want visitors to have a positive impression of what they see. The reaction to the profile is, in essence, a reaction to the person on the profile. Publishing photographs on a profile helps yield desirable reactions. Per a study done by Skout, humorous photographs are going to yield the best reaction.

In honor of National Humor Month, Skout did a study on profile pictures on its platform. Yes, the results do reveal humorous photos get a good reaction. Photos of people laughing and having fun end up making more connections than those members with less fun profile images. So, smile when taking a selfie!

Skout is an interesting social media app because it is involves a “location-based” concept for its social media approach. Online dating and friend making apps have a tendency to be focused on interest-oriented niches. There’s nothing wrong with that, but apps that help people to connect based on where they are located might not be present in high numbers. Skout hopes to do its part to make sure people living or visiting a particular area are always able to make an easy connection.

The platform Skout employs definitely is one designed for easy use. The platform is easy to navigate and anyone who joins the community won’t have a hard time maximizing his or her experience. In a way, Skout’s rise to prominence was somewhat easy. After being founded in 2007, the company hit the ground at full speed and has only been achieving great success. The San Francisco-based app and company has allowed its social platform to draw in members from scores of countries across the globe. The highly unique global positioning system (GPS) integrated into the phone has contributed to its ability to succeed. So has its various marketing and charitable endeavors. Skout is managed by people who know how to publicize a product and, more importantly, knows how to deliver a product the public wants.

Ultimately, the members who sign up for Skout are going to be responsible for their own success. Per the Skout survey, chances for success are going to increase by 400% thanks to little more than publishing an image of a smile.

Humor is an overwhelmingly positive thing. Embrace it.

New Technology Helps Make Weddings Easier

Wedding etiquette, unlike love, is an ever-evolving creature that never remains the same. Time honored traditions are being tweaked and prodded making for new and better ideas that produce the desired results in less time using less energy and money. Nowhere is that more obvious than in the lucrative wedding registry business.

Wedding Registries
Traditionally, a gift registry is a list of things couples would like to have and the names of stores where those gifts are available. It connects the giver and the receiver of wedding gifts anonymously while taking the guess work and leg work out of the shopping process.

The old way of using a gift registry often resulted in duplications or an over abundance of one gift and little or nothing of another. Many saw the old way as impersonal because it removed the joy of giving a gift purchased simply because it reminded you of the person you’re shopping for. New technology restores that joy by letting you expand gift ideas and the way they can be purchased.

Consider the technology of Slyce. Shopping for wedding gifts and anything else that catches your eye will be as easy as Snap, Find, Shop. Visual search technology allows you to shop anywhere, while out on a date, while at home watching television, or while thumbing through a magazine at the doctor’s office. You can use your phone to tag a picture of the item, match it with a retailer, then purchase it. This innovative shopping experience is already being tried at Neiman Marcus.

Wedding Attire
Nowhere is coordinating what you will wear more important than at a wedding. The blissful search for “the dress,” however can quickly morph into an arduous shopping assignment.

The average cost of a wedding gown is a little over $1,357.00. That’s an expensive purchase especially when the dress is usually worn only once. That time worn tradition is being challenged, not so much by technology as by an awareness that the money could be better spent elsewhere. Now entering into the wedding attire business are boutiques that rent wedding attire at a fraction of the cost of a new purchase.

The purchase of a wedding dress is a personal and sentimental buy,technology will soon enable brides to create and customize the dress of their dreams while at home playing around on the computer.

Skout Helping People Find Friends and Food

The tech world is an ever changing place and one area that is changing the fastest is the of social media applications. Companies like Twitter and Facebook have certainly staked their claims to social media but applications like Skout are trying to put their own spin on this sector of the consumer business world as well.

Skout is an application that is meant to not only allow you to communicate with your buddies, but also meet new friends. The application is also changing the way social media applications actual compete with one another, considering you can actually sign into the service using your Facebook account. Once a user is signed up, they will see a kind of grid layout which displays a user’s information as well as their recent posts.

From inside the application, users can wink at other people that show up on their board and then if the other user winks back, a chat can actually be started. While some people will look at this as a kind of way to find a date, it should be pointed out that the grid isn’t set up in a way to only show people of the opposite sex. Truly this is an application that might be able to find you a date, but is much more interested in finding you a friend.

Interestingly, the developers of the Skout application aren’t just trying to help find buddies. near the beginning of March, the application started trying to get its users to practice a more well developed sense of social justice. On March 14, Skout encouraged users to send virtual gifts of a bag of potato chips to their friends. When this virtual bag of chips is handed off to a friend inside the application, the developers of Skout will be making a cash donation to the Food Bank of San Francisco. These donations will be made until the company hits the goal of being able to serve 20,000 people through the food bank has been reached.

This shows that the developers of Skout understand the social contract that people have with their communities. It’s great to find yourself a new friend, but there are things that are more important than hanging out with someone when you have a little free time. Some people are worried about where they’ll get their next meal and Skout is looking to answer that question.

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Lime Crime Makeup Cosmetics Come Through

If you’re looking for a fashion brand that covers everything kind of makeup you could possibly need all from one brand, that also holds their product to a cruelty-free ethical standard then look no further than Lime Crime. They’ve been on the scene since 2008 with products that think outside the box of traditional makeup.  While their Wicked lipstick is popular with the Amazon crowd, Lime Crime is becoming a true fashion force to be reckoned with.

Already garnering a huge Instagram following Lime Crime makes products like lipsticks in much more vibrant and vivid colors than most other brands do. The colors seem to be made to pop out and bring out the features in your lips or eyes. With their wide variety of colors, it’s no challenge to find the right one for your face type, and when you do you’ll certainly stand out from the rest with the way these radically colored makeup make your face so noticeable.

For those who are consistently checking labels making sure the products you buy are entirely cruelty-free, you can rest assured that any product you buy from Lime Crime is held to a one hundred percent vegan, cruelty-free standard and has been that way since 2012.

They don’t stop their ethical practices at simply making all of their products vegan, they go as far as to donate a percentage of what they make to charities mostly focused on helping children, animals, and women who have suffered abuse. Girls Inc, Hola, Sanctuary for families, Bideawee, Adopt NY, and Red Cross all receive donations from Lime Crime.

So next time you run out of lipstick or eyeliner, check out Lime Crime. Not only will you be getting an awesome product, but you will also be not giving your support to companies that practice cruel and unusual treatment of animals, and you can know that some of the money you spent will be going to help those in need. Facebook users talk about how as soon as you put on Lime Crime’s makeup and look in the mirror for the first time, you will know you made a good choice.

$588,375, the total amount a Major GOP Presidential Candidate took From George Soros

John Kasich and his PAC “new Day for America” received a significant donation which has raised major eyebrows among the conservatives as he continues to remain in the Republican race.

The Soros fund managers Stanley Druckenmiller and Scott Bessent donated a total of $488,375 to the governor in what they referred to as small money fund. This is according to the records which have been provided by the Federal Elections Commission.
George Soros, who had already spent billions of dollars in coming up and funding far left organizations such as ACORN, MoveOn.Org, and the countless pro-amnesty groups. After Forbes billionaire George Soros had already donated an incalculable amount of money to the Congressional Democrats, he went ahead to hand a pro-Hillary Clinton PAC a sum of $ 8 million.
Soros had recently revealed about his expanded efforts in trying to oppose more border security. “we must reaffirm our commitment to the open society principles and attempt to resist the siren song from the likes of Ted Cruz and Donald Trump,” Soros explained on Bloomberg.
Kasich, representing himself as a Republican primary reasonable voice caught the left’s top donor together with his allies interested.
Bessent has been Soros chief investment manager until late 2015 while Druckenmiller has been managing George Soros investment money at the hedge fund. It should be remembered that Druckenmiller was Soros top fund manager when Soros successfully broke the England bank by devaluing the British currency in a move that profited him a total of $1 billion. People are now expecting Kasich to portray a strong showing in the Buckeye state. However, Senator Marco Rubio’s campaign has forced his supports to back Kasich in a move which will try keeping Trump away from winning more delegates.
About George Soros
Soros is a self-proclaimed billionaire who is popularly known for his investment savvy. George was born in Budapest, Hungary on the 12th, August 1930. However, George fled Nazis in 1940’s heading to the New York City in 1956. It is in New York where he entered the finance life. It was in 1979 when Soros began his philanthropic efforts and by 2012, he was giving amounts of more than $7 billion through his Open Society Foundations. The foundations used to fund a range of initiatives across the globe starting from public health, education, business development, advance justice and independent media. The different causes which Soros help are numerous and include the establishment of the after-school programs in the New York City, aiding the regions which have been struck by the natural disaster, lending financial assistance to the Russian University system, funding the arts, combating brain drain in Eastern Europe and fighting disease.