Brenda Wardle and the Pistorius Trial

Pistorius was a well-known South African runner in several Paralympics and 2012 Olympics. On February 14, 2013 Pistorius shot and killed his long term girlfriend Steenkamp in his home. Pistorius admitted to police shooting Steenkamp but did so thinking she was a thief breaking into his home. On February 15, 2013 in Pretoria court, Pistorius was formally charged with the murder of Steenkamp. On February 25, 2014 in the Pretoria high court with Judge President Dunstan Mlambo authorized the trial to broadcast over the radio and on the television. The trial proceeding began on March, 03, 2013 and the first verdict was delivered September 11 and 12, 2013. The first verdict delivered by Judge Thokozile Masipa. The verdict concluded Pistorius was guilty of culpable homicide and reckless use of a firearm in a restaurant. On October, 14, 2014 would serve a maximum of five years in prison for culpable homicide and another three year suspended prison sentence for the other charges.

Brenda Wardle is the legal analyst that covered the Pistorius case through the sentencing hearing. She grew up with parents that have a passion for education and law. Her parents have passed on their passion to her. Brenda Wardle is a known around the world as a legal analyst. Wardle has many different degrees to help her stay the top legal analyst. She holds three law degrees specializing in but not limited to medical law, forensic medicine, and advanced constitutional and fundamental rights. Wardle is currently registered at the University of South Africa to obtain a Doctor of Law degree.

Brenda Wardle’s career has focused on high profile cases. She has been interviewed by television stations and radio stations to give her expert opinion on what is going on while the case in in process and to give clarification to the audiences questions. Wardle has also written twelve manuals on the Contract Management Framework for the South African public sector. The manuals are also known by different titles. She has many talents and will continue to take her career as far as it can go for as long as she can.

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About Doe Deere And Lime Crime’s Phenomenal Entrance Into The Makeup Industry

Many women consider themselves women of steel, but they can not match Doe Deere and her determination and vigor to succeed in a field where very few other women have succeeded before. She set a niche for herself in the makeup fashion industry as the unicorn mistress who always breaks fashion rules to come up with even better beauty and fashion rules. Doe is a firm believer that it is no sin to break both fashion and beauty rules so as to come up with even better trends. She is the self-appointed unicorn queen and also the Chief Executive Officer of Lime Crime, the latest sensation when matters related to making up are concerned.

Her company specializes in colorful cosmetics that are loved by many. According to Doe, Lime Crime is for the women who believe in being equally stylish even when ‘norms’ dictate the opposite. She has been very outspoken and tells women that they should not stay inside their cocoons everytime when matters related to styling and fashion are concerned.

She has successfully come up with her rules to break the rules. For instance, she advises that it is not correct to wear a bold eye with a bold lip. She likes experimenting with colors and that is one thing that has made her personality stand out.

Deere is not new to controversy. This is contributed by the fact that she relied heavily on the internet for all her company’s marketing. She has therefore been criticised a lot and even ridiculed. However, that has never deterred her from making the necessary strides when matters related to effective management of the company are concerned. Lime Crime has with time managed to attract a large customer base owing to the fact that it makes high-quality cosmetic products that allow customers to effectively express themselves using color.

Doe was born in Russia and raised in New York. She has maintained that she has always been on a mission to prove that cosmetics do not just conceal imperfections, but rather, they allow someone to express themselves in a much better way. To her, beauty is not what is natural but rather, what one feels comfortable in. She coined the company name because of her love for Lime color. She is a staunch believer in trying new things, and before she ventured in Lime Crime, she was deeply involved in a music band.

Her typical day at work starts by having a meeting with her Creative Director where they go through projects and develop concrete strategies. After that, she makes sure that she meets the company President and Vice President and then the Chief Operations Officer. The reason all these meetings happen is because she wants everyone in the company to work together and feel like they are in the same page. She also spends a lot of time developing new products and responding to emails. Doe can be used as an excellent example of an individual who has worked extremely hard to get where she currently is and has an even bigger vision.

Coriant and a New Leader

Coriant telecommunications launched in 2013 in both Munich, Germany, and Naperville, USA. The technology company, fronted by new CEO Shaygan Kheradpir, Chairman Robert Legget and Vice Chairman Pat DiPietro, services a global audience and currently has about 3000 employees.

Coriant began in the Transmission Technology department of Siemens based in Munich, Germany. The official launch under the Coriant name was announced by OFC/NFOEC in March 2013, and on May 6 of the same year, Coriant began to operate independently from Nokia Siemens Networks under the new ownership of Marlin Equity Partners. A merge with Marlin Equity-owned Sycamore took place in January 2013, and it was announced soon after that Coriant would be branching out overseas with the opening of Coriant America Inc..

Coriant serves as a hardware and software vendor for optical transmission in the backbone data network for voice, data and mobile networks. They also sell software products for network management and network planning.

Coriant develops fast and efficient solutions for some of today’s major networking problems, and a company with such high ambitions and large responsibility must fall under the leadership of an individual who is as passionate about the future as they are experienced in the current industry. For Coriant, this is new Chief Executive Officer Shaygan Kheradpir.

Shaygan Kheradpir earned his bachelor’s, master’s and Ph.D. from Cornell University in engineering and was on the advisory board for the U.S. National Institute of Standards & Technology, as well as the Cornell University Engineering Council. He has multiple patents for telecom, media and payments and has risen to be the head of Coriant after beginning his career at GTE Corporation. He is the former EVP & Chief Information Officer of Verizon, and a member of the leadership team which is one of the United State’s largest infrastructure programs with a capital investment of over $20 billion. Throughout his career, Shaygan has proved himself to be not only passionate about his work, but also dedicated and drive, and it is this level of commitment that he now brings to the future of Coriant.

Developers Are Turning New York City Have Always Bought Air Rights But Basement Rights Are The Latest Real Estate Fad

Broadway theater owners have been selling developers the rights to build above their antiquated buildings for years. Developers buy those rights so they can add floors to the skyscrapers in the area. But there is a new twist in the real estate market, according to Town Residential’s Managing Director Ryan Fitzpatrick. Fitzpatrick said developers are buying the basement rights from theater owners, and that could change the dynamics of the real estate market in Manhattan.

Town Residential is considered one of the top real estate companies in New York. The company’s office is located at 26 Astor Place. Town Residential brokers sell commercial as well as residential real estate. The New York City apartments for sale market is ever-changing, according to Fitzpatrick. Selling basement rights will open the door for building owners around the city to do the same thing.

Selling basement rights does entail some major renovations to the property involved in the transaction. Building owners expect developers to keep the integrity of their building intact while they develop retail or residential units below ground. The Broadway area is the first area in the city to sell basement rights, but real estate agents and developers all over the city are pushing this new way to add more space to the already crowded streets of Manhattan.

But Town Residential brokers are not only watching the new basement rights twist, but they are also extremely busy selling multi-million dollar properties all over the city. Trying to find listings that sell for less than a million dollars is a struggle in Manhattan these days. If an apartment or a condo is listed for less than a million chances are its small, out-of-the-way and needs work, according to Fitzpatrick.

Most agents believe the market prices will continue to increase because of the demand and the new construction that is going on all over the city.

Brooklyn is another hot market, according to Town Residential brokers. The prices in Brooklyn have increased dramatically because it is the perfect alternative to living in Manhattan for Millennials that can’t afford the multi-million dollar price tags in the city.

A recent New York Times piece described the real estate market in New York City as a market with no ceiling when it comes to price. Wealthy Chines buyers are flooding the market and buying condos, townhomes and apartments for mega-millions and most of those buyers are paying in cash.

An Overview of Brenda Wardle

On March 2014, South African high court commenced the hearing of a case in which a Paralympic gold medalist Oscar Pistorius was charged with murder of his girl friend Reeva Steenkamp. The judge of the high court, Thokozile Masipa delivered his verdict, where the athlete was acquitted of murder related charges but was found guilty of homicide as well as reckless handling of a gun at a restaurant. On October 2014, Oscar was sentenced to serve a maximum of five years in prison for committing homicide and another suspended three year for being reckless with a firearm.


Pistorius is a famous South African athlete with disability who had competed at several Paralympic Games including the 2012 London Olympics. Oscar shot dead her girlfriend on 14 February 2013 at his home in Pretoria. In his defence, Pistorius submitted that he wrongly shot her because he thought it was an intruder. He was arrested by police and charged with murder at a court in Pretoria on 15 February 2013. On February 2014, the President of the High Court ruled the proceedings would be broadcasted live via audio and to some extents via television.


About Brenda Wardle


Brenda Wardle is a South African legal expert providing legal analysis in South Africa and in the entire world. She prominently featured during the trail, placement and appeal of Oscar Pistorius. Wardle has a Master of Laws Degree, Bachelors of Law and an Intermediary Degree Qualification. She has published a number of articles relating to law in South Africa, including the one relating to presidential pardons. In specific, she made a reference to presidential pardon of Dr. Allan Boesak, which was made just before the contract of NDDP was terminated.


Brenda Wardle has been interviewed by several news agencies including Talkradio 702, SABC News Radio, PowerFM, BBC Radio and many others relating to different issues that were happening mainly in South Africa. During the sentencing of Oscar Pistorius, Brenda was interviewed by Andrew Harding and Karin Giannone of BBC.


Wardle has facilitated training and other events with up to 4000 delegates in the last two years. She has a consultancy firm that has hosted high profile events and conferences where prominent individuals have attended. Her writing is not only limited to legal matters only, but she has also written several manuals concerning contract management systems in the public sector in South Africa.

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New Advances in AI Allow People to Search by Sight

MIT Technology Review recently reported on some groundbreaking achievements in visual search technology. When people think of using technology to search for things, they typically think of search engines. These have long been fairly simple database searches which take in a few words and match them with other words and phrases. The results are then mixed and matched according to specific algorithms. While some of these procedures can be advanced, in general it’s fairly simple compared to the pattern matching which goes on when people look at and compare two different things.

MIT Technology Review provided examples of a whole new type of search procedure. Instead of simple words and phrases, several companies are now making use of something known as deep learning. This system of searching uses advanced artificial intelligence to allow people to make searches based on visual data. For example, one could use a picture of a pair of shoes as the basis to look for other similar brands. And, in fact, shoes have been one of the larger focuses of this advanced visual search technology. Another interesting aspect of the visual search advances is how easily they’re being integrated into commercial functions. For example, the MIT Technology Review made particular note of how easily a purchase button can be added to normal images.

For the reason behind this easy integration one can look to companies such as Slyce. Slyce is one of the companies at the forefront of visual search and deep learning technologies. And in particular they’ve placed a heavy focus on integrating visual search with existing technologies. One of the big problems they and other companies have faced has to do with the difficulty of processing visual information. Slyce knew that traditional computers usually weren’t up to the task. But they also knew that consumers wanted to use visual search with mobile technologies that were even less powerful than desktop systems.

This led to a focus within Slyce to develop visual search technology which could be easily integrated into any platform. They use a method of distributed and cloud based computing which can separate some of the most computationally intensive processes from a client program. Instead, a company can simply integrate their software with Slyce’s visual search API. This will essentially let a mobile platform or app act as the eyes, and Slyce’s powerful range of supercomputers act as a brain to process that data and send back the results. The end effect is one of the reasons why visual search is finally starting to become so accessible.

The Importance of Liking Oneself when Using Dating Apps

The truth about dating is that many people look to outside sources for validation. They believe that getting that date and even reaching their end goal of dating is what validates them as a person. Unfortunately, this often leaves them dry. As a result, if they don’t get the validation that they crave, then they will wind up feeling no better. In fact, they will start to feel worse because of the lack of validation that their dating profiles give them. They find themselves facing a form of the same problem that they faced in the outside world. As a result, they begin to feel as if dating isn’t worth it for them.

Often times, people do not work on themselves to get to the point where they like themselves before they use their dating apps. If they secretly don;t like themselves or find themselves interesting, then they can’t expect others to either. Even though there are some that will find them interesting, they might sabotage themselves with their efforts. It is better to build up their validation within themselves so that they could better manage their dating experience. Fortunately, some of the dating apps could help with this.

One of the dating apps that is very helpful is Skout. There are a lot of tips available with Skout and other dating apps that could improve a man’s chances in not only getting a date but keeping the date. Skout will help users develop confidence and be able to step out and meet people that they get along well with. One thing that can be very aggravating to date is someone who lacks confidence and is always walking on eggshells. For one thing, the man has got the date. He does not have to try so hard in order to get the date going.

Skout allows people to chat with eachother and develop social skills. They could also exchange insights which allows them to improve their game. It is important for people to be able to make friends before he can get a date. His friends could also help him develop the traits that are very helpful in attracting mates. Skout also offers plenty of activities for the area that the person is visiting for the date. A large part of going out on a date is knowing how to have fun. When both people are happy, then this improves the possibility of a date.

Before choosing a dating app, it is important for one to make sure that he is confident in his ability to gain and keep a date. One of the things that help people develop confidence is having a passion. When a man is sure of what he wants and is pursuing it, then that will attract others to him. The only thing is that he has to project that message to other members of the app. If he can get the idea across that he values his life, then others will also get the idea and will become interested.

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Real Estate Sales Are Up In New York City

A person in New York City that wants to sell their home or apartment will find the market to be quite pleasing at the present time. They will be able to list their unit and find another quickly in a good market. Since there are buyers out there, they will get close to or exactly their asking price so they can move on to something even better.

When they are looking to list their home for the best possible outcome, they will want to contact Town Residential Real Estate. At Town Residential Real Estate they will be able to work with an agent that will care about their home or apartment and get it listed at a good price. The agents are able to find buyers for units in a short period of time because of their expertise.

At Town Residential Real Estate, the agents are practiced and experienced. They are trained well and are very knowledgeable about the New York City area. With their wealth of information, they have helped many people to sell their homes successfully and quickly. It is important that a person that wants to sell be open and honest with the agents from Town Residential Real Estate so that they can list the home quickly in order to gain the interest of the buyers.

Town Residential Real Estate is proud to assist those that are selling their homes or apartments in New York City in order to get them the most that they can for their units. They are in the business to work hard for their clients when they are selling to potential buyers by showing the unit properly and giving great points about the unit and how it will benefit the buyer.

The New York City real estate industry is waiting for people to come and get just what they are looking for. With job opportunities for many people, it is time that they went to the city to see what great units they can find.

Skout and the Top Dating Apps

Online dating has been popular for well over a decade and, honestly, it does not look like the popularity is going to diminish any time soon. Meeting someone online is just real easy. In fact, the whole process is becoming a lot easier thanks to the arrival of various dating apps.

Mobile apps are quite sophisticated. Simply clicking on an app can lead to a really fun social network designed to help people meet someone new. The app Skout is a perfect example of a solid app that allows people of like-minded interests to meet one another. The app opens a portal to a dating and social networking platform that is home to scores of members. For those interested in meeting a new paramour, Skout is a nice venue.

On, an interesting article appeared on the subject of dating apps. A top ten list of excellent apps was provided. Not everyone will be a fan of every app, but the article did provide an solid overall look at the value of mobile apps for dating.

Interestingly, the article does point out that a higher-than-expected percentage of mobile device users take advantage of apps for dating. Should that number come as a surprise? People are very in tune with online social interactions. Apps for dating have no reason for not being popular. The innovative nature certain apps embody most definitely contributes to their appeal and popularity.

There are certain traits that the top apps should present in order to be of value to anyone. Obviously, they should afford access to active dating communities. It becomes a lot easier to find a potential paramour when there are a decent number of members on the site.

The community and the app should be easy to navigate. User-friendly environments are surely going to be a lot better than ones with cumbersome added steps. No one likes a dating platform in which crafting a decent profile is difficult or searching for someone is tough. The top apps are all going to be user-friendly. They should also be packed with a host of features. Innovative and helpful features are going to make taking part in the site not only easier, but a lot more fun. Innovative features also allow certain apps to stand out from the below-average ones.

Skout definitely is an app that stands out from the crowd. The app has been around since 2008 meaning it is one of the oldest of all the dating apps. With members in 100+ countries, Skout definitely is home to a thriving and growing community. Anyone looking to meet someone new should check out what Skout can offer.

I’m So Glad I found Lime Crime

I’m so excited about Lime Crime that I could burst. I just found these cosmetics by doing an online search. I have a daughter who is 17 and seems to have a unique color palette all her own. I can never find her the things that she wants in the store. I was doing some research and came across Doe Deere and her vibrant coloring. I must say it’s not something that I would choose for myself as I am a brown hue kind of girl, but my daughter will love this stuff.

I did a bit of research on Ms. Deere and I liked what I saw. She reminds me of my daughter. She kind of marches to the beat of her own drum and she don’t care what other people think about her style. Her style is what makes her comfortable and helps her to feel good about herself. Many people, including my nagging mother, have tried to tell me to tone my daughter’s color scheme down. She’s been called a hippy, eccentric and all sorts of other names. I don’t want my daughter to fit into some cookie cutter mold. I want her to be unique and different and to not be afraid to express herself.

Now about this makeup line. Deere uses a great deal of glitter, which is very popular right now. I like Deere’s color palette that she uses because they’re not typical colors I can go to the drug store and find. The products are high quality too, no oils or testing on animals. She goes above and beyond to make a quality product that she is proud to stand behind. I must say I was very fascinated by Ms. Deere and the concept behind her makeup. She is not just another makeup creator, she lives for this stuff. She has always been a fashionista, but she has poured her passions into this company.

I also liked that in the many pictures you see of her, her hair is all different shades of the rainbow. She calls herself the “Queen of the Unicorns,” so why not match the nickname. She tends to be her own person and isn’t persuaded by what others think or say about her. That’s what it takes to be in any business and with that determination, I’m sure that Lime Crime will be successful.

There are only a few stores that carry this product line currently, but it can easily be purchased online. I ordered the velveteens, which is a liquid to matte lipstick. I also got some different eye products in the Beatle Juice and Starry Night color schemes. We are both so excited to see what these products are like. I know this company is bold and daring and just different.