Lime Crime Gets a Ton of Attention

The Lime Crime brand has been one that is powerful enough to compete with so many other brands like Maybelline, NYX, Sephora, L’Oréal and Covergirl. This is the company has become a powerhouse makeup company, but it is far from the typical makeup brand that is out there.

At first glance, Lime Crime seems like makeup from the future. It is the splash of color in the makeup industry that cannot be found anywhere else. There are tons of people that are embracing what this brand is able to provide. The Facebook page for Lime Crime has a lot of followers. There are more than 2 million followers on Instagram. This is a testament of the successful vision that Doe Deere – the colorful and zany Lime Crime CEO – put together. All types of makeup are available online, but Doe Deere makes sure that she stays in touch with the customer base. She is tied heavily to social media, and this makes people remember what she is doing.  Not to mention her popular blog posts on

People have access many different Lime Crime outlets. There are blogs. Others will see Lime Crime through Twitter. There is also a massive amount of exposure through other outlets like fashion sites and apps like Snap Chat. People talk about the brand and the new flavors that are hitting the market. The Spring Velvetine like Teacup, Zenon, Flamingo and Alien have hit the market. These white hot colors have hit the website along with other cool darker shades like Teddy Bear. This wide spectrum of shades makes people gravitate towards the Lime Crime brand. They love what Doe Deere is doing, and they make a serious effort to keep up with her through social media.

There are some people that like the Lime Crime brand because it gives you a multitude of color range for a single color. People that like pink lipstick, for example, can choose between Geradium, Pink Velvet, Countess Florescent and Great Pink Planet and others available on Amazon. Doe Deere has been insightful enough to give people access to a plethora of different colors. That is what has made her popular.

Simple Ways You Can Increase Employee Job Satisfaction

Running a business, big or small, isn’t easy. There are countless aspects of business that will lead you to success or failure, and one of the most important things that you need to consider as a business owner is employee morale.

According to Darius Fisher, President and the Co-Founder of Status Labs, an online reputation management, digital marketing, and public relations firm, employee turnover “costs between 30-50 percent of an annual salary to replace an entry-level employee, upwards of 150 percent for a mid-level employee, and up to 400 percent for a senior or highly specialized employee.”

Basically, he is saying employee turnovers are really, really expensive. So what can you do then?

He says that the best way to decrease turnover is to increase job satisfaction for your workers. A happy employee is less likely to leave the company than an unhappy one.

Here are some simple ways you can improve employee morale and keep your employees happy.

Happy Birthday!

Acknowledge your employee’s birthday. Many companies fail to do this, and this is one of the simplest things you can do. Your employees will feel recognized and feel special.

Make your office pet-friendly

This one may not work all the time since some employees may be allergic. Just make sure you confirm with everyone in the office that they are okay with having some furry friends, and make sure the pet is trained!

“Free Lunch Fridays”

According to Fisher, he likes to cater food from local restaurants every Friday for his employees. This will bring the team together to eat and have a good time eating delicious food with colleagues.

About Darius Fisher

Darius Fisher graduated cum laude from Vanderbilt University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Economics. He has extensive background in the media industry as he has worked for Storefront Political Media as a Political Consultant and for Agora Publishing as a Senior Copywriter.

In 2013, Fisher co-founded Status Labs, a “premier online reputation management, digital marketing, and public relations firm.” He is serving as the President and has offices in Austin, New York, and São Paolo.

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Fit into a Favorite Outfit With Nutrimost

Traditionally, diets were only slightly effective for many people. Often times, people often fail diets because each diet did not factor in the body chemistry of each individual. As a result, the person got frustrated and gave up on the program. Another factor in this was that many diets were fad diets based on half-baked theories. Fortunately, Nutrimost has entered into the game. As a result, more people have seen satisfactory results when it comes to their weight loss. In fact, not only has there been a very large success rate for people who have tried Nutrimost (, a lot of people have lost weight at a fast rate.
Nutrimost is effective because it uses computer scanning technology in order to find the body chemistry of the individual and design a diet plan based on the body chemistry. One thing that is to be considered is that each person gains and loses weight differently. Therefore,‘s diet system uses the individual body chemistry in order to come up with a diet plan that is most effective for the individual. As a result, the person experiences greater success when he attempts to lose weight. Also, the diet system helps come up with a plan to keep the weight off.

NY Daily News reports that many people losing 20 lbs and upwards within the first 40 days of their new diet plan. They are very happy that they can enjoy their new bodies. They can also fit into their favorite outfit. That is another thing that is very encouraging for people who use the NutriMost system. Nutrimost also helps people deal with weight related issues like diabetes. One good thing about the system is that it is actually very safe. There is no need for deprivation or starvation. The person can follow a plan that brings about effective weight loss.




Your Reputation Online and How it Matters

When you have a good reputation locally, this can help to bring in the local business and help to grow your company. Unfortunately, the focus nowadays also needs to be with your online reputation. Even if you do not have a website for your company, people can and still will write reviews and information about your business. If they had a bad experience there, they may be tempted to write a negative review. When someone does research on your company, as many people do nowadays, they may be met with a slew of negative information and they might avoid using your company because of this.

Negative online reviews and articles can do a number to your reputation and cause you to both lose customers and have the possibility of going out of business. If you have recently seen a decline in the amount of customers you are getting or you know you have negative reviews and articles online all pertaining to your company, it might be time to hire the pros of Bury Bad Articles. Bury Bad Articles is a company specific to your online reputation management needs. They work diligently to help build your reputation and get it to where it needs to be.

The way they work is to decrease the amount of negative reviews online and increase the amount of positive. This allows people to find the positive before they would ever find the negative. Hiring a company like Bury Bad Articles is just what you need to better yourself and the company that you own. This is why a lot of people have hired Bury Bad Articles and have had wonderful success with using it. Their competitive rates make it easy for you to know you are using a company that is beneficial and going to do everything in their power to change the direction of your company. This is why it is a good idea to contact Bury Bad Articles and see what they are able to do for your own company needs and for the benefit of those who might make use of your business services.

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JustFab Introduces a Curvy Line

Feel lucky, you voluptuous ladies out there. JustFab has just begun a curvy line for those of us with a little extra junk in our trunk. Called JustFab Plus, the line is a 35 piece collection that will continue to grow throughout the year. The JustFab line is known for its handbags, jewelry, and denim, but they have much more.

The best part about this line is that it will tailor looks to each specific person with their own personal style. Into the bohemian look? Or maybe you are into the classic Audrey Hepburn thing. The collection on The Curvy Fashionista incorporates many different elements that is bound to appeal to many different kinds of ladies.

The monthly subscription service for JustFab starts at $22, which is a great deal for those on a budget. The great thing about this new line and JustFab in general is that you do a little quiz at the beginning which tells the team of stylists the kind of clothes you like. Each month, JustFab selects items based on your preferences that you can get in the mail, or you can choose to skip that month. It is that easy, and gives the everyday person the feeling that they have their own personal stylist.
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JustFab’s Women’s Shoes, Designer Purses, Sandals, Women’s Accessories

JustFab prides itself on tailoring their clothes to each style personality out there. The subscription service means the customer comes first, giving people the ability to expand their style and closet without enormous cost. All the styles are created at their Los Angeles office with their in-house design team that brainstorms and manufactures the looks. Each month they send out more ideas and looks for their customers, giving people worldwide the ability to dress well at a reasonable price.

With the inclusion of their new JustFab Plus line, the JustFab umbrella is expanding. It wouldn’t be surprising to see even more additions to the company in the next few months and years, since JustFab has done so well commercially. The great thing about them is that they are constantly expanding their style repertoire, allowing for many style options for their millions of subscribers.

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Who is Michael Zomber?

Michael Zomber is “a highly respected gun collector and historian.” He was born in Washington D.C., and he graduated with a Bachelor’s in English Literature and Psychology and a master’s degree in English Literature from UCLA.

A True Expert in Arms

An enthusiast for antique arms and armor, Michael Zomber has been collecting there artifacts for over forty years and has extensive knowledge on “European, Japanese, Islamic, and American arms and armor from the 16th through the 19th century. With his experience, he is often regarded around the world as one of the most recognized figure on Japanese samurai swords.

He has appeared “as a guest historian on the History Channel’s Tales of the Gun” to share his knowledge on antique arms.


Michael Zomber has written several books, available on Amazon, on Japanese arms and samurai culture. He has written Shogun Iemitsu War and Romance in 17th Century Tokugawa Japan and Jesus and the Samurai. He also has another book coming out called Soul of the Samurai.  In addition to his documentary on Bushido, which is available on YouTube.

Wen Your Hair Needs Chaz Dean

If you have ever seen Chaz Dean either in commercials or on tv shows, you have probably noticed how amazing his hair is. You may not know who he is, but likely his shiny and thick blonde hair has left an impression. It’s no accident that Chaz’s hair looks amazing and his passion for hair has translated into a hugely successful haircare line. One haircare lover at put his popular line to the test and the results are absolutely worth checking out.
Setting the WEN haircare line apart is the revolutionary system behind the product. Instead of the simple wash and condition steps that we have all become accustomed to, Wen has completely reinvented hair care. Inside every Wen cleanser is a “Cleansing Conditioner” which does the work of five products in one easy step. It cleanses your hair thoroughly while also deep conditioning, detangling, and acting as a leave-in.

After one Bustle writer tried out this unique Wen system, she documented the results each day. The WEN difference is clear from the first picture; comparing her normal shampoo consistency to the Wen system, it looks thicker and creamier. Noting a change while cleansing, she noted that her hair felt thicker and that less strands were falling out during the shower. After her first usage, her hair was shinier and bouncier. Continuing with her week long experiment, the end of day 3 brought her shiny and healthy hair. Day 6 passed the ultimate hair test, where her friends commented on how shiny her hair looked. Mission accomplished! Guthy-Renker has also made their own review of the product.

Read the WEN FAQ’s posted here:



Tom Brady’s Four-Game Suspension Upheld Says Ross Abelow

According to New York Law Journal, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit has reinstated the four-game suspension of New England Patriots’ quarterback Tom Brady alleging that he did tamper with the air pressure in footballs during the American Football Conference (AFC) Championship Game against the Indianapolis Colts on January 18, 2015. In upholding the commissioner’s suspension of Brady, the court said it had an extremely limited roll to determine if the arbitration proceedings and award met the minimum legal standards established by the Labor Management Relations Act.

The court case pitting the players’ association against the commission had already been heard by Southern District Judge Richard Berman who had thrown out the four game suspension. The players’ association says they have very few alternatives left and that Brady will probably have to sit out the four game suspension at the start of the 2016 season.

While this has been a very hotly debated topic, many families feel that they need courts to make rulings in their favor just like the court did for the NFL commission. If you feel that describes your situation, then the first step is to seek great legal counsel like Ross Abelow. Through his practice with Abelow & Cassandro, Llp, he can make sure that you are not thrown around like a football but that your case gets the attention that it deserves.

Ross is a graduate of Brooklyn College of Law and has over 20 years of experience in helping families and companies seek the justice they are due. Ross also invites you to join his GoFundMe program to help homeless animals because while Brady can sit at home and watch the game, many animals do not have the luxury of a home to call their own. In addition to helping families and companies through the massive court system, Ross is also active in educating the public about the legal system through his personal blog.

Making a Switch to Beneful Brand

Dog food comes in all types and varieties, making it difficult for a dog owner to know which one is good for them. If this has been an issue you are dealing with, it might help if you know of some of the different types of brands out there and which one is the right fit for you. This is why it is often a good idea for you to carefully read labels and try to figure out which one is right for you. By finding an amazing dog food brand, you can feel confident in giving this to your beloved pooch.
Beneful has been a household name for quite some time and continues to be something that people love day in and day out. Their high quality foods make it simple to know that you have chosen something great for your dog’s needs. This is also a great brand when it comes to saving money without giving up on the quality that you need. Many pet owners are finding that they can save tons of money by switching to PurinaStore’s product line.

What’s more, you can find virtually any type of food made for your dog when choosing the Beneful line of dog food. The reason for this is due to the fact that they have an array of different types and varieties from ones made specifically for senior dogs to those made for younger pups. It is entirely up to you which one you choose, so make sure that you figure out the type of Beneful you need to make your dog fully happy. Beneful has a Youtube channel which you can visit and learn more about their brands and your beloved pet as well.

There are so many different options out there, making it easy and quick to know that you have chosen something that is ideal for your needs. Once you make the choice to go with Beneful, you will not soon regret it and your dog is going to be in love with the flavors and other types of things that you can get from such a product. Be sure to look at the different things that Beneful has to offer ( to those looking to switch.

George Soros Endorses Lengthy, Paid-Paternity Leaves

Eighty-five year old George Soros, business guru, investor and philanthropist, has a parent-oriented side not often visible in his world of high finance and billion-dollar decision making on

Beginning two years ago, as of January 2014, Soros initiated a paternity -leave policy for 800 Soros employees world-wide that raises the bar for corporations to a new high.

Joined by Sandra Schwarzer, global director of human resources at Open Society Foundations on, Soros outlined the paternity-leave plan his employees now enjoy.

1. The six-months paternity leave applies to mothers, fathers and grandparents with custodial rights. The benefit also applies to adoptions and foster care parents.
2. The first three months are a fully-paid leave. The second three months is paid at 70 percent of the employees pay rate.
3. The plan is flexible. Employees can choose on their own the optimum time when they need the leave.
4. Of the global Soros employees, 450 are in the United States.

Schwarzer, who heads one of the largest nonprofit organizations in the world with the Open Society Foundation, saw the need for extended paternity-leaves based on her personal experience. While living in France, the German native had the benefit of four-months of fully paid parental leave for herself. After residing in the United States for a short while, she saw the difficulty new parents experience trying in take time from work in order to stay home with the important first few months of a babyÕs life.

When she discovered that the United States is the only industrialized country in the world without a mandated paid maternity leave, she decided to do something about it.
Having George Soros recognize such a need and then signing on to the long term paternity paid-leave concept was a sign of confidence she highly values.

George Soros has a reputation for driving hard bargains and being a master at negotiating. He is also a shrewd judge of people, especially those who work for him. Putting the six-month paternity leave plan into effect was his way of recognizing the family values of his workers and the need to begin life as new parents with a close bonding.

In addition to paternity leave, the entire Soros family has long supported the family planning efforts of Planned Parenthood. George Soros’s son Jonathan Allan Soros, the chief executive officer of JS Capital Management, made a $1,000,000 donation to Planned Parenthood Votes this past February.

Much of George Soros’s philanthropic nature on stems from his European roots as a Hungarian Jew. He saw first-hand the extreme cruelty humans can extoll over others during the Holocaust years of World War II.

Having seen such grief and death, the idea of being able to allow people working for him to experience the joy and important first months of their baby’s lives must bring him great comfort.

Two years after the plan was initiated, the extended-maternity leave program seems to be working just fine within the Soros global workforce.