Richard Dwayne Blair

Many people work throughout their life to accumulate the wealth they always desired. Everyone has particular goals that guide them to work even harder like family, security, and retirement. The most important thing in life is to make sure that all the hard work and struggles of life to accumulate your wealth over the years does not go to waste.

When acquiring wealth, one should be conversant with some mistakes people do that can threaten your wealth. Richard Dwayne Blair of the Wealth Solutions, an investment advisory firm, provides professional advice to individuals. The company, started in the year 1994, purposed to change the lives of families, individuals, and small businesses.

Richard Dwayne Blair grew up in a family of teachers. Thus, he understands how educating can help in making an impact on other people’s lives. Also, he qualifies in the entrepreneurship in matters such as income and tax, estate and trust, and Investment Advisory Representative. Therefore, Blair is skillful to plan for retirement and focuses on helping people to live wisely in retirement and invest wisely in retirement. Thus, his clients reach out for a successful retirement plan by avoiding the many mistakes and pitfalls many people get on the way to plan for a successful income plan.

Richard Dwayne Blair identifies with the clients to lay a track on which the client should follow in business. The business option for each client is by the strength, goals, risk tolerance, and opportunities to grow in an entity. This approach helps to build on the relationship between the client and Blair. Thus, he gets more profound in understanding the clients’ concern and comes up with clear expectations.

Blair builds on the long-term investment plan and customer orientation to the client’s goals. Blair has absolute control of the venture to ensure the business perform at maximum during upward market movement and that it is not much affected by the negative market periods. Blair also has a pillar that works perfectly for his clients called the implementation and monitoring pillar. Wealth Solutions strictly monitors the client’s business plan by keeping on track the client’s expectations, data, and individual and model goals.

Why Equities First Holdings Australia is Respected By Clients

Equities First Holdings Australia (EFH AU) opened its’ doors in 2014. The original name of the EFH AU was Meridian Equity Partners. EFH AU’s leadership is great thanks to the Managing Director for Australia, Mitchell Hopwood. He is a part of team of EFH AU, and it also made up of Director, Andrew Stevens, and Senior Associate, Sanjay Vallabh.EFH AU uses equity-loans to help generate revenue. It helps many people who are trying to achieve both personal and professional goals. An equity-loan is trusted by the people, because it has higher approval rates than loans issued by traditional lending institutions. An equity-loan allows people to use stocks as collateral.

Stocks must be approved by EFH AU before it can be used as collateral. Stocks approval process consists of evaluating a stock for future value. The stock must prove its’ projected value meet the criteria of EFH AU. EFH AU also offers financial advice to help its’ clients. Financial advice is available to both individuals and businesses. Financial advice used to help businesses be more efficient. EFH AU could help businesses improve the decision-making. EFH AU is a part of the corporation that is well-known and respected by clients and peers in the finance industry.


A prominent business person and an entrepreneur with an experience of almost 40 years with an extensive variety of organizations in the United States as well as abroad, Vinod Gupta, the current General Partner of Everest Capital Partners Incorporated in Omaha, Nebraska. Gupta was born in 1946 and raised in Rampur Mahyaran in India wherein secondary school he first showcased his superior gifts by getting admitted in the Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur (IIT Kharagpur) in 1962.

For the following five years, Vinod Gupta pursued subjects in Agricultural Engineering at IIT Kharagpur, establishing solid bases for his future professional pursuits as well as education. After his graduation from the IIT Kharagpur in May 1967 with a bachelors degree in Technology, he then migrated to the United States settling in Lincoln, Nebraska. He then joined the University of Nebraska in Lincoln as a dual Master’s student from August 1968 to May 1971. Vinod Gupta dedicated his time as well as energy in business management and engineering studies. He was awarded his Master of Science in Engineering and Master of Business Administration in 1969 and 1971 respectively. He then started his career at the Commodore Corporation as a Marketing Research Manager in Omaha.

The businessman took a loan of $100 and invested in a company which in turn was sold for $680 million. He discovered there was an information gap between business-to-business marketing and came up with a list-compiling organization called InfoGROUP. While he was still the CEO of the organization, which later changed to InfoUSA, he obtained various companies finally establishing a juggernaut in the IT field.

As of now, Vinod Gupta’s investment company, Everest Group, issues investment capital for all new information technology companies and also secures businesses that are struggling financially, with the aim of using information technology to encourage future success. Vinod Gupta takes enormous pride in the provision of employment opportunities to the underserved communities and has also been touted by the former President of United States, Bill Clinton, for his comprehensive hiring practices. He dedicates vast resources all through his different charitable associations including the contributions to various schools in India.

Rodrigo Terpins Found Fame During The Sertoes Rally

Rodrigo Terpins has become a very familiar name in Brazilian sports. He has a reputation for loving the rush of adrenalin brought on by rally competitions and is an extremely high achiever. He has been a competitor in numerous rallies all over Brazil. His competition in the Sertoes Rally brought him fame. Rodrigo Terpins family is filled with people who have an aptitude for sports. Jack Terpins is his father. He once played basketball in addition to serving the Maccabi Latin America Confederation and the Latin American Jewish Council as President. Michael Terpins is a successful rally driver in addition to being his brother. These brothers are the Tea Bull Sertoes Rally Team. They have competed in five rally events driving the MEM Motorsport T-Rex.


Rodrigo Terpins participated in the Sertoes Rally as always. His partner in the Sertoes Rally’s 22nd edition was Fabricio Manchiana. The event covered two states, 2600 kilometers and numerous stages. They raced in T1 prototypes and were third in their category. There were 38 teams participating in the event and they were in the 8th position overall. This was called Brazil’s biggest off road event and drew the attention of rally drivers, sponsors and enthusiastic fans. When Rodrigo Terpins discussed the race he stated he wanted to adapt to the terrain and the vehicle along with his partner. His vigilance resulted in better results than were expected by the team. Check out Terra for more.


Rodrigo Terpins received his education at the University of Sail Hilaire. This was where he learned the skills for business management. These skills were very important during the sixteen years he spent at Lojas Marisa. He eventually became the President before deciding it was time to leave in 2007. He started his own business in 2008 called T5 Participacoes. He still has an executive seat but has decided his career is in rallies. His company has been in the lead of the organization of some of Brazil’s best racing events. Rodrigo Terpins generally gives the credit for all his achievements to his brother Michael. They are both extremely positive regarding the future of Brazil’s rally sport. For more details check out

Jeff Herman Shares Tips for Parents to Protect Children Against Sexual Abuse

Jeff Herman, is a nationally-renowned attorney with Herman Law Group who specializes in representing victims of sexual abuse. He provides valuable insight about how parents can protect children against sexual abuse. Jeff has successfully advocated on behalf of victims and secured million dollar verdicts throughout the United States. He is admitted to practice in New York and Florida, but has also been admitted pro hac vice in many other states. Jeff’s expertise has been publicized by national media outlets and he has served as a contributor for cable news programs.

To protect against sexual abuse, Jeff Herman suggests that parents communicate with their children. In doing so, he makes the following recommendations:

1) Keep it Age Appropriate–speak with your children early and at a level they will understand. Use familiar and anatomically correct vocabulary to describe what is acceptable.

2) Teach them to say ‘no!’–children at all ages should understand that they have the right to say ‘no’ if someone makes them uncomfortable.

3) Use examples–make sure your children understand that no person should harm them, including family, friends, teachers, police officers, coaches and religious leaders.

4) Keep communicating–sex should not be a one-time topic. Continue to communicate with your children about sex abuse and issues. Always keep an open line of communication so your children feel comfortable.

Sexual predators know how to manipulate and take advantage of children. Parents need to ensure that they have a great relationship with their children so there is trust. Parents should also carefully monitor their children’s social media use and know with whom they communicate.

Parents should also be familiar with the various warning signs of sexual abuse, including sudden changes in behavior, regression to previous behaviors (e.g., bed wetting, thumb sucking), acting out sexually, and self harm.

Most importantly, parents need to develop a relationship of trust with their children. Children need to feel comfortable discussing personal and difficult subjects. If necessary, parents will need to be somewhat nosy in their children’s lives. Through proactive involvement, parents can help protect children against abuse and provide them with the necessary support.

A Roseann Bennett Exclusive

Roseann Bennett is a successful family and marriage therapist who has an experience of over ten years operating with different kinds of people and aiding them as they tackle various life issues. Throughout her career, she has come out as not only a compassionate therapist but also an acute business giant.

In 2009, Roseann Bennett undertook to develop a Center for Assessment and Treatment, and it finally took ground in 2010. Since then, her agency has greatly transformed the lives of individuals who are going through life problems that may either be external or internal, plus those within their reach or out of their control.

Here is an exclusive interview with Roseann Bennett about her daily life experiences and facts that you probably didn’t know about her:

So how does your day start? Any other norms

Every day I wake up early, and I am on my computer. Apart from checking in with employees, I see clients and problem solve too. Well, I consider this both a flaw and stronghold. So to a fault, for me, it’s my work ethic.

What about your early morning work routine? Your major priorities and activities

I am accountable for the overall direction and spearheading of programs at the center. I am a key player in the establishment of programs to the different populations served. I am also in charge of preparing the agency budgets and maintaining an appropriate system for funds to be accounted for properly. My fundamental task, however, is to maintain a personal clinical caseload at the firm as I purposefully seek to connect more with my clients.

Any motivational and productivity tips

Life does not always revolve around logistically bringing an idea to it, but whether the idea is sustainable, assessing potential risks and executable within our scope of practice.

How is your work environment, colleagues?

Well, I rely on pen and paper quite a lot. I think I qualify to be called an “oldie,” but its relative in my field. My most productive time is spent with my notebook.

How do you complete your day?

When all has been done, I update my planner. It enables me to organize my schedule and even prioritize my to-do list.

Recreational and weekend activities

I love reading, and I do it recreationally. For the weekends, a message without a doubt is my dosage for relaxation.

Additional information on Roseann Bennett:

NGP VAN spearheads Democrats campaigns

When it comes to political campaigns, it is normally a do or die contest where political parties come out gun blazing in an attempt to gain control of the leadership mainly through the voting process. In countries like the United States, people are designated to choose their leaders through voting. Every adult American is allowed by law to participate in elections and vote for the favorite candidate. Before the Election Day, there will be all manner of attempts by the political parties and their candidates to try and win as much support from the electorate as possible. Obviously, the one with the highest number of people will win the election. The biggest task for players in political organizations, therefore, becomes, how do we win the election?

In the 1950s, the world had just witnessed innovation of the televisions and radios. These became very popular means of passing the message to the people. By addressing the people through the radio and TV, you get an opportunity to pass the message to many people at the same time. This technology was used for some time. In fact, it’s still being used to date, only that it no longer the most effective method. Technology is never constant. New technologies keep on coming up, and therefore the application of this technology also changes.

In political organization, there are newer, methods that are being employed to make it even easier for politicians to get the message to the voter in even an easier way. Today, we have digital platforms which bring together a huge number of people on one site. The other thing, we have big data companies which can analyze the data coming from the people and know the political inclinations of the people. With these two in place, it no longer a big task for politicians to pass the message to the voters. With so much information available, political organizations just need to choose a company that will put them ahead of competitors by providing the best technology there is.

NGP VAN is Technology Company which offers technical support for political campaigns. It has worked with the Democrats in the previous election which led to the election and reelection of President Barack Obama in 2008 and 2012. NGP VAN has proven that with a good technology firm, it is easier to win elections. NGP VAN was behind a spirited campaign that involved the application of various internet-based platforms for campaigns. NGP VAN has offices in Washington DC.

Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff Author Sean Penn: Humanitarian, Actor and New Author

On the website Bro-talk; Marc Maron recently interviewed author Sean Penn on his new book “Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff” via a podcast. He mentions words many people may not know are used throughout this novel. And that it may take some time to read. In fact you maybe using your phone to look up the meaning of certain words. Marc Maron suggest it’s best read the book in small amounts at a time because the emotions run strong and sometimes reflecting is needed. This novel is suppose to be original and is not easy to figure out what’s going to happen. This book discusses issues we face in a society as a whole. The stories contain a lot of detail and is considered to be a cult classic. Concerns of our current president are stated through this novel. He claims he’s been worried about our country ever since the 2016 presidential election. Other people other politicians are mention through the story. He mentions fictional events as well as real life events like the Las Vegas Shooting. Sean Penn says there are similarities between him and the fictional character Bob Honey. They both share a lot of the same values and ideas.


The Vogue article is about Sean Penn stretching his career beyond the big screen. We know him from different theatre and film productions. He’s been an actor, director, writer and producers. He has also won some awards along the way. But for Sean Penn he wanted to write something different. In the past he’s written several pieces of work expressing his opinion about social issues. He’s even had the chance to interview people like the former president of Venezuela, the president of Cuba, etc. He volunteered after the earthquake destroyed Haiti in 2010. He’s now become an author with a book titled “Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff”. It’s goes on to state it’s a novel about a septic tank sale person who also is a contract killer. Some of the situations within the book are similar to issues within our society now. And some actual real life situations are mention.


If “Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff” seems like an intriguing read to you. Pick up and copy but remember it may end up being a head rush!

Talk Fusion’s Video Email Can Be Your Secret To Better Engagement

Established in 2007, Talk Fusion is made for marketers that want to create memorable emails easily. Talk Fusion’s Fusion on the Go app for iOS or Android devices is helping marketers in 140 counties attract their audience’s attention with video products, such as video email. Users can either record live or select a pre-recorded video to send to leads or other team members. Video emails have a higher engagement rate, which usually equals increased sales. Marketers don’t have to close the app when it’s time to head home; they can use Talk Fusion’s app for video calls with friends and family as well.


While known for their video email service, Talk Fusion offers a number of services, including video meetings, newsletters, video chat and signup forms as part of the company’s all-in-one Video Marketing Solution. The solution is designed for companies that currently have different providers for these services. It eliminates the hassle of logging in and viewing analytics on each providers website. As early adopters of WebRTC, Talk Fusion can offer real-time, seamless communications without plugins.


As a direct selling company, Talk Fusion empowers people worldwide to become entrepreneurs. CEO Bob Reina is a direct selling veteran and he wants Talk Fusion’s independent associates to succeed as he did. He created Talk Fusion University, an online training portal where Reina explains how to succeed. It is rare that the CEO personally records video training, however, Reina excelled at direct marketing for another company so he knows numerous multi level marketing tips. Learn more:


The Importance of Having a Clear Vision According to Vijay Eswaran

When asked about the traits of a good leader, Vijay Eswaran would list clarity of vision as one of the traits. One of the reasons that this is such a good trait is that a leader who knows where he wants to go is more likely to inspire followers. As a matter of fact, if people understand where the purpose that they are working for, then they are more likely to work with the leader. Therefore, it is important for leaders to communicate their goals to the worker. It also has to be related to the team member so that he will be personally invested in the goal.

One of the issues that workers are faced with is the appearance of a never ending cycle. This is one of the reasons that some people seem to fall off in their performance. Often times, the leader does not have that clear of a vision either. As a result, they tend to find themselves losing the motivation to do the type of work that they have originally wanted to do. They also find themselves longing for the days where they can just rest. One thing that Vijay Eswaran keeps himself from doing is growing tired of the work he is doing.

One of the best ways to get people on board is by making sure that they understand what they are working towards. Another thing that can help is if they are given some kind of motivation. When they are motivated, then they are more likely to work towards the type of goals that they have. This can also help people motivate themselves with so that they can eventually become leaders. One thing that a leader does in his line of work is inspire others so that they will set goals and reach them.