An up-close with Alex Pall and Drew Taggart.

The music industry has over the years grown, and artists are coming up with new styles of music. Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart formed the band the Chainsmokers and have managed to attract many listeners with their kind of music. They work closely with songwriters and vocalist to pass through their message to the audience, and this method has turned out to be a success.

Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart have over the years taken a new turn by, realizing songs that are deep and express how they feel. This is also an excellent way to relate to their listeners. This method has also taken the industry with a surprise, primarily because they are young. However, according to Alex, realizing songs that help their fans understand them better has helped to improve their acceptance in the musical industry.


Thanks to their manager, Alex and Drew were able to meet. Their meetings paved the way to a good friendship that helped them understand each other. They would meet for coffee and discuss their interest, a good friendship gave them the confidence to work together and have been partners since.


Chainsmokers have taught us the importance of believing in yourself. From an early age, Alex Pall enjoyed music and even started djing. Before settling on music as his career, Alex had doubts since music was a hobby and was something he did for fun. Andrew Taggart, on the other hand, was made fun off while in school because of his love for electronic music. The two did not let the doubts and the negativity define their lives and have emerged to be one of the most promising band.


Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart recently talked about their experience working with Halsey, according to Alex. Working with Halsey have always been the duo’s desire, working with Halsey is a massive step in their career.


Chainsmokers has taken the industry with surprise, they are gaining popularity by the day, and their hard work and commitment have helped them in achieving their dream. Alex and Drew also believe that being able to work as a team has helped them, especially when coming up with new projects.

The Chainsmokers and The Proof of Why They Are Still Relevant Is in Forbes Magazine

It is said by those who had hit rock bottom that the simplest form of happiness is to be able to find something to solve. Helping others, whether for self-fulfillment or a search for meaning, can be a way of finding the true happiness that stays.

It might be absurd to help someone knowing that the universe always gets the last say, but if there’s one thing we learned from the ancient heroes, it is that heroes are judged by actions, not results. One of the few brave creators today that have trodden the least followed path is the DJ Duo The Chainsmokers, and while their struggles can’t be as high stakes as most heroes’ problems, theirs is also a source of lessons for many of us all.

The Forbes Feature

We can say a lot about the ways that The Chainsmokers sees the world through their songs, but the latest right now that encapsulates their view of the world through their music is the single they made called “Sick Boy”, which had a long feature at the prestigious Forbes Magazine. It is in the article we learned that while it feels like The Chainsmokers had already been in the game for a long time, their breakthrough performance was only last 2015. It was the year when they started to conquer the mainstream scene, withstood challenges and produced songs that were instant hits to the listeners. Consisting of Alex Pall and Drew Taggart, The Chainsmokers have also built a reputation for creating arrestingly catchy music with hooks that are almost unbeatable and unmissable.

Ten years later and we can learn from The Forbes article that the duo is still relevant in creating music that would most likely stand the test of time. With their songs, such as “Paris,” “Something Just Like This” and “Don’t Let Me Down,” The Chainsmokers as a brand has stamped upon the music culture all over the globe with a kind of recognition that seems to be unmatched.

About The Chainsmokers

The Chainsmokers is a DJ EDM music duo that has originated in New York City. With labels Disruptor and Columbia, we can see that The Chainsmokers has grown from a humble indie brand to one of the most popular music scenes in the entire world.