Eric Lefkofsky’s Recent Healthcare Developments

Eric Lefkofsky is a Chicago based entrepreneur who together with others co-founded Tempus Labs. This is an institution that applies data analytics to provide solutions for cancer patients that will enable them to lead normal lives. The institution was created in 2015, and it has rapidly developed into one of the most reputable tech health startup bodies in the country. This development has been to a great extent due to the influence of Eric Lefkofsky. Eric and his wife Liz are philanthropists who have in the past given to numerous charity bodies. They have a group called Lefkofsky Family Foundation that has been active since its inception.

Tempus Labs is highly committed towards developing cancer remedies to people. The institution has formed mergers with numerous National Cancer Institutes in the country to ensure that they reach out to many patients as possible.
They offer a wide range of services that include the following:

Conducting of tests to diagnose the presence of cancer Characterization of tumors in a bid to give specific treatment solutions to the patients

Machine learning and use of patient data to create an effective treatment program. The efforts of Tempus Labs towards bringing relief to cancer patients have not gone unnoticed. Recently, the research institution was featured in the yearly Eric Topol’s listing that rates companies that merges healthcare with technology. Tempus Labs have been recommended for its efforts towards bringing changes to the health industry that are projected to revolutionize the entire sector in the near future.

Tempus has been highly rated due to its application of gene therapy and gene editing in the treatment of ailments that had no cure in the past. Through gene therapy, it is now possible to treat inherited loss of sight that was impossible to curb in the past and eventually led to blindness. Tests are still ongoing on the application of gene editing to treat Hunter syndrome, and the progress is positive.

Tempus Labs in collaboration with Stanford University have also been working on a formula to simplify skin cancer diagnosis. They have numerous other FDA approved developments that include glucose sensors that are used for direct injection of insulin to patients. Also on the list of their numerous works is an algorithm that can detect heart attacks and gives a signal before the problem escalates to uncontrollable levels.

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