Randal Nardone : Taking Risks & Achieving

In life in order to get ahead sometimes we must take a risk. A lot of people have a predestined plan for what they believe will be their ultimate success. However, a lot of the time this just turns out to be a chance for experience or just a launching pad for something much bigger and greater in life. Taking the risk and seeing what new opportunities have in store have been the things that have made many men successful. One of those people being the man known as Randal A. Nardone . Randal Nardone is the Co-founder, principal and director of a company called Fortress Investment Group LLC. This company is actually an investment company. Randal Nardone didn’t start here on this path first though. He attended the University of Boston where he received a doctored degree in Jurisprudence. This is a law degree and not exactly a degree that goes with what he is doing now.

After college he worked at various companies and in the process went from a lawyer to financer. He worked at Thatcher Profit and Wood as well as BlackRock financial and UBS. These jobs were moderately good, but he decided to go a different route. Nardone and a group of other gentlemen started the company Fortress Investment banking in 1998. He as the Chief Operating Officer or COO of the company was in charge of handling the legal business and watching over the structured finance segments of the company. This move turned out to be the right one and the company has found great success.

The company is doing great and his employees like how he handles the company as they feel the work environment is just right for the work they do, and that Randal and the other leaders are kind and respectful.These days Randal Nardone is the Interim CEO of the company and holds 53 million shares in it. He is a billionaire and even has a place on the Forbes list. He was placed on the 2007 list at position 557. Randal Nardone is a man that went to college like last of us and changed course hen he felt he needed to. Taking that risk has catapulted him to a level of success and wealth that is extremely desirable. He is a good example of why following your gut and taking risks is good for business and for overall success. Learn More.